BioDetection Systems - BDS

BioDetection Systems (BDS) (30 staff, based in the Netherlands) is an SME established in 2001 that develops, markets and applies bio-based detection methods for a wide range of applications. A main focus is on safety assessment and quality control of food, water and the environment. BDS’ methods, like the CALUX® methods, are used as alternatives to chemical analytical methods and as animal alternatives. They are successfully applied in more cost effective, sustainable and ethically less controversial screening programs either as stand-alone, in a high throughput mode, or in smart combinations with more conventional technologies. Analyses carried out in its service department are strictly confidential and performed under ISO17025 and GMP+ certified conditions. BDS offers its technologies and services world-wide through a network of laboratories and agents.

BDS is a frequent partner/coordinator of national-, and EU funded projects on water safety (e.g. TECHNEAU, DEMEAU), and various projects that have contributed to the development and validation of its platform technology for various applications (e.g., ReProTect, ChemScreen, NewGeneris). National projects like Genes4water and BE-Basic contributed to the further development of comprehensive screening platforms for water quality monitoring. BDS actively participates in validation and international ring study exercises for its technologies via (inter)national organisations, including ECVAM, OECD, DIN committees, etc.  

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP4: Implementation of a range of bioassays in demonstration sites. Adaptation of monitoring technologies to needs of combined natural engineered treatment systems. Development of tailored monitoring programmes. In that frame BDS interact with other WPs (particularly WP6) for data exchange and –interpretation,
  • WP7: BDS will participate in the exploitation plan development for its bioassays and dissemination activities (exhibit at fairs, contribute on conferences)
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