Demonstration sites

AquaNES will demonstrate the feasibility and value of cNES process combinations at pilot to full-scale. Our work is founded on 13 full- or pilot scale demonstration sites. These demonstrations will be the first references in an operational environment of the proposed technology combinations.

The sites involved cover a range of geographical, climatic, and source water availability contexts. They are located in densely populated areas with semi-closed water cycles as well as in more rural areas and regions with seasonal population variations due to tourism. Site activities will run for an extended period of one to two years and generate recommendations on best practice for water utilities and technology providers.

Bank filtration

Five sites to demonstrate the benefits of post-treatment options (membranes, activated carbon, ozonation and electrochlorination) after bank filtration for the production of safe drinking water.

Managed Aquifer Recharge

Four sites to validate the full exploitation of the treatment and storage capacity of soil-aquifers systems in combination with conventional or oxidative pre-treatments in drinking water production and water reuse.

Constructed wetlands

Four sites to demonstrate the combination of constructed wetlands with different technical post- or pre-treatment options such as ozonation, photooxidation or membranes in wastewater treatment.

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