Expected impacts

  1. Wide and fast deployment of sustainable innovative solutions in the water management sector and contribution to the implementation of the EIP ‘Water’:
    The water sector does not readily implement innovative technologies and processes in the absence of a systematic evaluation of their industrial scale operation. To support the goals of the European Innovation Partnership on Water AquaNES will

    • deliver a series of comprehensively field-tested combined natural and engineered water treatment trains,

    • demonstrate their technical and environmental performance including comparisons to benchmark technologies with respect to treatment effectiveness, energy demand and cost. In doing so it will offer water sector professionals greater confidence in making decisions on the design, implementation and management of combined treatment systems,

    • increase the Technology Readiness Level of several process combinations, typically from 5/6 to 7/8

    • provide the contextual information and tools that water managers and authorities require to preference innovative combined natural and engineered water treatment solutions.

  2. Market penetration and demonstration, long-term application and sustained use by various end-users

  3. Create new market opportunities both inside and outside Europe

  4. Increase resource efficiency and environmental performance of the water sector

  5. Reduce energy demand in water supply, treatment and transportation


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