microLAN, based in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, is a company specialized in early warning systems for water quality monitoring based on light measurements. microLAN has developed a range of fully automated online monitoring devices for guarding the quality of drinking, surface and process waters. microLAN supplies three complementary systems that detect algae, bacteria and chemical pollutions. microLAN's online monitors instantly response to a change in water quality, giving an alarm signal to indicate a possible water pollution. The advantage of microLAN's monitoring is that the water intake is guarded permanently, avoiding the need for a high frequent collection of water samples and lab analyses. A possible pollution is detected within minutes, allowing the operator to take appropriate actions immediately.

The newly developed BACTcontrol detects the presence of bacteria - including E.coli and coliforms – in the water. The online monitoring is based on an enzymatic reaction performed by the bacteria that makes the degradation product visible for fluorescence detection. References of BACTcontrol users include water supply companies, environmental laboratories and operators of bathing facilities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Spain.

The company conducts research and development through collaborations with customers and specialized research organizations focusing on new technologies and oriented to market demand. Its current products, which include the iTOXcontrol monitor and the ALGcontrol for monitoring algae species and bio-toxins, enable microLAN to provide quick, sensitive, environmentally-friendly and cost effective monitoring solutions.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP4: tailor monitoring strategies for cNES based on data from site monitoring in WP1, 2 and 3. Support to QMRA task.
  • WP7:  develop exploitation strategy for the BACTcontrol. Inform the dialogue with authorities with respect to standardisation and certification of the device. Contribution to dissemination in Workshops
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