Vertech Group

Vertech Group is an consultancy from France (SME), specialized in providing sustainable solutions to different sectors such as high-performance materials, energy efficiency of manufacturing Industry, etc. Vertech Group is member of the SPIRE platform, the BBI platform, the French Life Cycle Assessment Platform AVNIR, The Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation, the Indian LCA Alliance and the Ibero American Life Cycle network. The staff of Vertech Group has over 10 years of experience on international cooperation. The company is based in Nice-France. Vertech is also present in Spain and has expansion plans to other markets besides Europe (e.g SouthAmerica). Vertech Group contributes with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle initiative, the World Resources Forum and other relevant organizations in the field of sustainability. The main fields of the company expertise include sustainability assessments of innovative technologies and products, risks assessments, materialsĀ“ simulation and modeling.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 7: Leader of WP7 - Exploitation and dissemination'. Responsible for exploitation strategy including market studies and business models generation, and support of dissemination of results. Designated Exploitation Manager and IPR Advisor
  • WP 5: Environmental assessment of cNES technologies by Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (E-LCA); study of the cost of the system by performing a lifecycle costing (LCC); evaluate socio-economic impacts with Social Life Cycle Assessment S-LCA
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