Xylem Services GmbH with its ozone oxidation and UV disinfection brand Wedeco is a leading manufacturer of non-chemical treatment of water with more than 250,000 installations worldwide. Xylem offers environmentally friendly, healthy and residue-free forward-looking technologies such as ultraviolet systems and ozone systems. Maximum customer benefit is provided by a comprehensive combination of standardized systems and engineered solutions for treatment of potable water, process water, municipal and industrial wastewater. Xylem is also heavily engaged in the field of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) by designing improved AOP concepts.

In Xylems R&D department lab-, bench scale and technical scale pilot tests and modelling of ozone and UV systems are conducted to develop market-ready products and applications together with the product management department which focuses on cost calculations and Life-Cycle Assessments. Xylem also has an engineering department where ozone, UV and AOP systems are designed, customized and engineered as well as a manufacturing department which retro-fits and builds new equipment and is responsible for the installation and start-up of AOP systems.

Xylem Services GmbH participated in several pilot studies and the implementation of full scale plants around the globe for the treatment of drinking water sources and wastewater reuse research and full-scale projects with ozone or UV based advanced oxidation processes.

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP 2: Xylem will  design and establish AOP pilot systems at the Shafdan demonstration site (water reuse) and the Lange Erlen demonstration site (drinking water production). Xylem will further evaluate the results and assess the suitability of AOP processes in combination with MAR/SAT for indirect potable reuse of treated wastewater; feed expertise into AquaNES DSS
  • WP3: Xylem will provide, assess and exploit the ozonation + control unit in combination with CW as post-treatment at WWTP Schönerlinde, Berlin, Germany (demonstration site No. 12)
  • WP7: contribution to exploitation and dissemination (exhibition, fairs, workshops).
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