IWB Industrielle Werke Basel

IWB is the company for energy, water and telecommunication services in Basel (Switzerland) and the surrounding region; it demonstrates commitment, expertise and reliability. IWB is a leading provider of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The company is heading for a fully renewable supply that allows an efficient, environmentally friendly and economic use of energy. The company supplies its customers with 100% renewable electricity, renewable district heating, drinking water and biogas natural gas. Its customer base includes more than 250,000 customers, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry and administration. It owns and manages all the necessary facilities for the distribution, storage and quality control of its services.

IWB produces drinking water for 210'000 inhabitants in two water works, supplying around 26 million m3 per year. A great share is produced in the Lange Erlen site (Site 6) from surface water of the river Rhine. The treatment train encompasses screening, filtration and subsequent soil infiltration. After reabstraction the water is treated by granular activated carbon and UV-disinfection.

IWB controls the water quality in its own accredited water quality lab, with 15 person staff (chemists and lab assistants). IWB features long-year experiences in various pilot plant operations at their full-scale facilities

Main tasks in the project:

  • WP2. Owner of the Lange Erlen site. Demonstration of oxidative pre-treatment of pre-filtered surface water prior to forest soil infiltration. Operation of pilot plant and analytics of transformation products
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