Demonstration site

Treatment process combination

The Rheinbach site demonstrates the use of retention soil filters (RSF) as flexible technology to treat both combined sewer overflows and wastewater treatment plant effluent before discharge. A pilot plant has been operated to test different amendments of the RSF with sorbents such as activated carbon on micropollutants elimination. A full-scale system will be implemented and closely monitored.

Aims & ambition

The aim of the demonstration is to  prove the dual application of a retention soil filter in a dynamic wastewater management system: during dry weather the RSF is utilised to provide advanced treatment of WWTP effluent; in wet weather CSOs are conducted to the RSF for treatment. In the project we will

  • gain knowledge about the reduction rates of various emerging substances in RSF under different scenarios.
  • enhance the chemical and ecological status of the receiving river system through advanced treatment of CSO and WWTP effluent.
  • assure the transferability of the concept to other sewer systems.

Site coordinator & partners

Katharina Knorz (EV)


Case study in brief

RSFPlus: How it works

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