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Demonstration site

Treatment process combination

The demonstration site at WWTP Schönerlinde will investigate combined tertiary treatment with ozonation and biological post-treatment by constructed wetlands. The main objective is the removal of organic micropollutants focussing on the formation of transformation products during ozonation and their biodegradation in the constructed wetlands. Additionally the potential of the process to reduce microbiological contamination (pathogens, viruses, antibiotic resistant bacteria) and other wastewater parameters such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) will be analysed.

Aims and ambitions

The demonstration of ozonation followed by constructed wetland will

  • verify additional elimination of micropollutants, pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes
  • compare two different wetland types (Surface flow and Subsurface flow)
  • minimise energy demand of the ozonation unit by implementatng a closed-loop control
  • optimise the overall treatment efficiency
  • derive design and marketing recommendations for this combined process

Site coordinator & partners

Daniel Sauter

Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB)

Virtual tour through the plant

Case study in brief

Reviewer's site visit

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