Demonstration site

Treatment process combination

The natural treatment systems of Antiparos WWTP consists of construted wetland and stabilisation ponds. They are combined with engineered pre-treatment (primary screening and sedimentation) and post-treatment systems (chlorine disinfection), to achieve high pollutant removal efficiency and compliance with the Greek water reuse legislation on using treated effluents for the irrigation of public spaces.

Aims and ambition

The objective of Antiparos demo site are

  • to demonstrate CWs as pre-treatment for disinfection and suitability for water reuse applications
  • to show-case reliable performance and enhancement of environmental protection (contribution to water scarcity reduction, protection of coastal waters, conservation of natural environment and landscape),
  • to promote the cNES as suitabile sanitation solution for small insular communities with low operational and maintenance costs. 

Site coordinator & partners

Patricia Stathatou

National Technical University Athens NTUA

Dimitrios Tsoukleris

Municipality of Antiparos

Case study in brief

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